Thursday Thoughts

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

–Leo Tolstoy

One of the books I’m reading right now is titled Make the Most of You, by Patrick Lindsay. Each page has a brief paragraph related to a specific topic with a quote below it, here’s the paragraph related to the quote above:

Seek Change from Within

It’s laudable to try to change the world. But sometimes we chose the wrong starting point. Start by looking within. See if the problem is rooted within you. If so, that’s where the change should begin. Then your commitment will be unshakable.

The Date Jar

Nope, not actual dates you eat and use in paleo cooking ;-) Dates you actually go on!

Life has been pretty crazy for oh, the last 14-16 months with pre-deployment prep, Seth making Chief last fall, a major deployment, moving from San Diego to Minneapolis, my job transitioning to remote, regular business travel, getting settled in our new home, and family events – phew. We’re exhausted. I honestly don’t even feel like I’ve seen Seth for more than three weekends in over a year. Last week Seth and I were talking about how we need to make more of the time we do spend together. I thought, let’s go on dates! I already had a few ideas in my head of super fun (we can still be kids, right?) types of things and I knew he’d have a bunch, so I thought, let’s each write down ideas and toss them in a jar and take turns drawing. What we draw, is what we do!

We each wrote down eight ideas and threw them in a mug that has special meaning, and drew our first one this past Friday. Tip: this is also a fabulous way to actually decide on something. We are king and queen of saying, “let’s go out to eat,” and then driving around for an hour indecisively not having eaten, grumpy and hungry. With this, there’s no question!

We enjoyed the drive-in this past Friday, reminded me of the last time we went to the drive-in, when we were first married and living in San Diego in 2003!! :-)

Make a date jar and enjoy spending some time together!

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Elvis Burger, Paleo Style

Since moving to Minnesota, we’ve learned about the peanut butter burgers Elvis so loved. It’s a thing around here, so much so, that when I travel back to San Diego for work, I’ve been asked, “have you had a peanut butter burger yet?!” I don’t eat peanuts, BUT I did try a bite of one (when in Minnesota) and let me tell you, amazeballs. It’s been sounding good ever since, so I recreated it to make it paleo-friendly and it did not disappoint! You could make them multiple ways, but this is how I made mine.

Elvis Burger, Paleo Style

  • 2 burger patties
  • Cashew butter
  • Grassfed extra sharp cheddar
  • Uncured, cooked bacon
  • 1/2 banana, sliced

Place one burger patty on your plate and slather with cashew butter (or, again, nut butter of your choice), stick the cooked bacon on top of the cashew butter, place the 2nd burger patty with melty grassfed extra sharp cheddar, cheese side down on the bacon, slather top patty with cashew butter as well. I had the sliced banana on the plate, and ate a slice with each bite of burger I had. The burger stayed together well. Nice for different, rich flavors than the usual burger staples!