Lemon Balsamic Roasted Sprouts

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

I roasted brussels sprouts again, weeee! Did I mention they have truffle salt (aka, crack!)?

Lemon Balsamic Roasted Sprouts

  • Halved or quartered (if large) sprouts
  • Garlic macadamia oil
  • Truffle salt
  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • Roughly 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar

I washed and trimmed the sprouts-FYI, sprouts are very, very buggy. Even if you buy them pre-washed and cleaned, I guarantee if you cut them in 1/2 you’ll find worms or bugs. Almost every time. Then I tossed them lightly in garlic macadamia oil and sprinkled with truffle salt.  I popped them in the oven to roast at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes until browning.

I took them out and tossed them in a bowl, squeezed the fresh lemon over top, and drizzled the balsamic vinegar.

Next time, I’ll be making a quadruple batch.

2 thoughts on “Lemon Balsamic Roasted Sprouts

    • Yeah, so good I made it again Friday night, LOL! Fairly certain you could roast any veggie-toss it in lemon and balsamic and be set!! I got the truffle salt at Williams Sonoma I think? Might be cheaper on Amazon 🙂

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