Thursday Thoughts

Whatever you are gifted with, there are opportunities out there. Just find them and seize them.

–Kathy Ireland

I sometimes feel like I was “gifted” with type 1 diabetes, and there have been so many opportunities presented to me as a result, that I’ve tried my best to seize. It definitely isn’t always easy, but there is a small part of me that thinks I was meant to have the disease.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I have been able to pass on your experiences and your blogs to many. Just the fact that you are truly LIVING with type 1 gives many people hope, Linds! I share that hope with my friend, Velta, who has a 4 year old recently diagnosed with it, and believe me, that hope really does help. In short, your “gift” helps more people than you will ever know! Thanks for sharing it so freely!

    • Barb, I am humbled! Thanks for sharing my blog, and for your kind words. Please let Velta know that she can reach out to me anytime if she needs support of any kind with type 1-it can be a beast. Hugs to you!

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