When it’s hot…

You need a cool, colorful meal! It makes me sad (being the seasons person I am) when it’s in the mid-90’s in mid-October. Either way, a refreshing light meal made me feel better: Grilled Ahi, Salad and Strawberries:

We made a trip to Whole Foods last weekend to pick-up quality meat (grass-fed beef), but as we know, once in that store, you wonder and end up with more (paleo treats, organic honeycrisp apples, humane pastured chicken…). We bought ahi steaks that looked amazing (which might explain the cost @$29.99/lb, ouch!). They were sustainable, wild caught, and deep red in color. Seth grilled them with nothing more than kosher salt/pepp and little oil. Some of the better tuna, I’ve ever had.

I added different flavors to the salad this time, I’m getting back into my carrot obsession (again, wanting Fall, maybe?). They’re so versatile, and much to my surprise, the commissary now sells large carrots in big bags, for $.79! WIN!

Colors in this light, refreshing meal: orange, red, green, purple with lots of protein and omega fish oils 🙂

6 thoughts on “When it’s hot…

    • It was hard for me to spend that, definitely a splurge. Bought Wild Ahi at the commissary today, and it was $16 for 3 good sized ahi steaks. It’s so good seared or grilled, then added to salads!!

  1. Can you come be my cook? Pleeeeeeeeeease??? But seriously, I really like your food ideas. They are simple and healthy (tasty, too I’m sure). thanks, Linds! Have a great weekend!

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