Corn. Sigh.

Corn, sigh. A lot of individuals don’t realize it’s also considered a grain, nor do they realize it is in almost everything. Plastic, batteries, pre-packaged food, tea, deodorant, etc. It has quickly become the universal ingredient in consumables.

Proudly, I was born and raised in the state of Iowa-the corn state; ironic, no? It makes me sad to read things about how damaging corn is to our bodies, environment, land, and soil when much of the livelihood of the state where I’m from, is reliant on it.

This article, is devastating: Think about it for a minute, why would you want to put this in your body? Barely anything can even survive around or near it because of the toxicity required to grow it, to meet the world food demand? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be consuming this stuff?

Corn is so genetically modified (thanks Monsanto!), most of the countries outside of the US that rely on imports of corn, are now banning it. Doesn’t that speak volumes, to anyone?

Is this what you want to happen to you?

2 thoughts on “Corn. Sigh.

  1. AH!! This is scary. I stopped eating corn when I went Paleo! I actually ate some last week just to eat it rather than throw out, my kitchen is now corn free though!

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