I Can’t Resist

The gardening. I ran a couple errands earlier, put stuff in the car, then said to myself, “well, maybe I’ll go back in and just look to see what they have in the garden center.” Right…just look…my garden was cleaned out for a whopping ONE WEEK.

I came out with kale, 2 different kinds of cabbage (red and ornamental), broccoli, and cauliflower. Figured I’d give my hand a try at winter gardening in SoCal 🙂DSC_0106

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Resist

  1. Oh, but the cold snap. So cold here right now! And this from the Canadian transplant. Good luck. I can’t wait for updates. Do you have a worm bin?

    • I miss the cold, I really do. It’s been at the 30’s at my house in the morning, and I’m loving it!!! I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be devoured by snails/slugs, since it is quite dewy in the mornings in my backyard, but we’ll see. No worm bin, haven’t gotten into that…yet 🙂

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