Mmmm, bleached oil! Healthy.

Do you know how the oils in your pantry are made?

There are no vegetables in vegetable oil, but because it doesn’t contain animal fat, it can by default be called “vegetable oil.” Corn oil, eeewww. Canola oil? What the hell is a canola?

So disgusting. Eat real fat!!

5 thoughts on “Mmmm, bleached oil! Healthy.

  1. You know, that’s what my dr told me a long time ago… eat the real thing! (in moderation) everything that is low fat this, or non sugar that…well, you have to guestion yourself.. if they take that one main ingredient out…what are they putting in?!?!!!

  2. My favorite was the dude’s perky ‘Hey guys! Hey! Look what happens NOW! Hahaha yeah that sludge is in all your pie crusts, haha! Cool! Hey look at this, now we’re going to feed the stuff that looks like wood chips to cows and steer so it’s in your dairy and beef, too! Yay!’ ewgagvomit

      • Izzackly. I mean, it’s hard enough to love animals AND be nearly carnivorous. (Let’s face it, i love my meat.) but then we have to behave like soul-less monsters to creatures that we’re going to eat anyway? What does that say about us???

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