Mind your Mitochondria!

Have you ever watched any TEDx Talks? If not, you should. Educational talks about varying topics that bring people together to understand. That’s awesome! One of my first TEDx Talks was “Minding your Mitochondria,”  from Dr. Terry Wahls MD, when I was first getting into the paleo lifestyle. I was excited to hear and see the effects that nutrition has had on her progressive MS, but thrilled that she is from my home state of Iowa, a doctor at the University of Iowa, and mother to Zach Wahls.

Today, the Des Moines Register published an article about her journey: Doctor with MS suggests caveman diet.

I’m glad that more articles are popping up like this, because it means people are paying attention, and moving towards taking back their health! Talk is a good thing, and I am most excited that more and more MDs are turning to the source, food, rather than drugs to treat symptoms.

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