Joshua Tree

For several years now, I’ve talked about going to Joshua Tree (Seth might say incessantly). For some reason I have had this strong draw to go there, maybe to just be surrounded by nature? To get away from the daily grind in a big city? For serenity? Then I told my dad that Seth and I were finally heading to Joshua Tree, and he told me it was one of the places my Grandma Hazel actually remembered in her late life dealing with memory loss. Having such a special relationship with my Grandma, almost a kindred spirits type connection, now I knew why I was so drawn to go.

Seth and I went away for a long weekend over Memorial Day to a resort in Desert Hot Springs, and got up at 3:45 am one morning to drive the hour to the middle of the park, so we could watch the sunrise. It was everything I’d hoped it would be; beautiful, silent, serene and peaceful.

If you haven’t been, I’d recommend it. I realize it’s just a lot of pokey trees, but there is truly something magical about it.IMG_0213[1]IMG_0148[1]IMG_0156[1]IMG_0151[1]IMG_0164[1]IMG_0172[1]

11 thoughts on “Joshua Tree

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m so glad you love and appreciate nature. We are enjoying our trek across the US and it’s gorgeous, even the desert in June is awesome. We will need to visit Joshua Tree in the future!!!!!

  2. So unfair of you to bring tears to my eyes first thing in the morning, Linds! Really though, the photos of the sunrise are stunning, but not as moving as the story behind your inner promptings to go there. I’m sure your Grandma Hazel has been smiling down on you ever since you went there–goosebumps!

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