It’s the Small Things

I’ve always heard this saying and thought, seriously, I know, right, blaa, blaa, blaa. But now that Seth and I are trekking our way through our first deployment, “it’s the small things,” has a whole new meaning that I’ve come to fully appreciate. While I work outside the home and am involved in different organizations, always busy, surrounding myself with awesome individuals, I still find myself with a lot of alone time where I think. I think about our life together, everything we’ve experienced up until now, all of our travels, the friends and family we’ve made, our future, etc. But it’s the day-to-day little things that always seem so insignificant, that we take for granted, that really, truly are not. Take away all the big life things, like careers, travels, etc. and we’d still have all the little things, and I realize now they’re big, very important things.

Here are all the “small things” I miss:

  • I miss going to breakfast early on weekend mornings for talky time
  • I miss listening to NPR talk radio shows while running errands
  • I miss occasional breakfast and coffee in bed
  • I miss getting coffee together
  • I miss my daily good morning kisses
  • I miss hugs
  • I miss having someone to talk to at the end of each day
  • I miss walking together
  • I miss watching Sunday football together
  • I miss nice sit-down dinners together
  • I miss being able to text
  • I miss holding hands
  • I miss playing board games
  • I miss Friday nights having a bonfire, glass of wine and Frank
  • I miss how excited Lucy would get every time the Jeep pulled up out front
  • I miss being called Pooterette, Pooterincess, Weefay!
  • I miss laughing together
  • I miss being goofballs together

Soon, we will pick right back up with our small things, and with more appreciation for them, than ever.

Here are some candid shots from the night before deployment ❤