Chew on this…or don’t.

Starting this Tuesday with some infographics, enjoy!

GMO Crops:GMO Crops

If I’m asked one more time to buy cookies, I am going to gouge out my eardrums with pencils:Girl Scout CookiesYum!

Well, hey! As long as it doesn’t kill us immediately and is “similar,” it’s safe, right?Substantial Equivalence

Oh Cheerios! But you lower my cholesterol…right? Fail.Cheerios

Most advanced healthcare, and yet the US is the sickest nation. Yes, our life expectancy has increased, but while living longer, we’re sicker in those years. Fun times…?Biggest GMO Lover

These infographics came from GMO Inside, a fabulous and educational resource.

Also, you should read this: Food Babe Investigates, from 100 Days of Real Food. It is alarming to me what is allowed in the US food supply. Most of the rest of the world, has banned the junk we consume and in some countries, you can go to prison and be heavily fined for putting ingredients in the food, that are commonplace here in the US. Totally perplexing to me.