Fun Sunday Finds!

Seth and I had a lot of errands to run today, and while we’re out I always have my eye open for fun things that will save time or add convenience to my life. Here is what I found today: a honey dipper (for our raw honey, so much easier than a spoon), salad hands (for tossing salads, since we eat them almost every day), and a handy produce saver:

I don’t refrigerate near as much produce as I once did (it depletes nutrients, especially in red fruits/veggies), but those I do refrigerate, will now last longer. This handy little gadget turns the ethylene gas produced by refrigerated produce into water vapor, so they last longer. It has a little guage on it, lasts about 3 months, but will tell you when it needs to be replaced.

The salad hands-well, I have never used them, but I’ve been running out of spoons, LOL!

Honey dipper, well it just makes getting honey out of the jar, that much easier (sorry, Pooh, I can’t dip with my “paws”).

I love things that make cooking easier. I often say, “oh no, spoons are fine,” etc… but then I actually buy what I should be using and am always pleasantly surprised by the convenience and time-saving. So worth it!