Grassfed vs Grainfed

Grassfed beef is so much healthier, it just isn’t always easy to locate, or affordable. Seth and I attended an event recently at a local brewery, where we went on a brewery tour, and the brewmaster was talking about how they save up their “fermented grain slop” for a truck that comes once a week, and delivers it to cows, like it was a good thing that these cows are getting this (who knows after it’s saved for a week at the brewery for pick-up, how long it is until it’s actually delivered for feeding…). I think it clicked even a little more for me after that, and maybe even more so for Seth. They weren’t meant to eat that garbage, just like we weren’t meant to eat the garbage available to us today, only difference, we have a choice.

Further, doctors today are always saying that we need to limit our consumption of red meat, well, yes, we need to limit it if it’s grainfed, because it is poor quality and┬ádamaging┬áto our bodies, so in essence they’re right. What they’re leaving out though, is that moderation and food eaten the way it was meant to be eaten, are what’s important. Not limited quantities of the low quality, added sugar/fat food around today.