Saturday’s Veggie Grilling Party

On Saturday’s Seth and I tend to cook even more than we do during the week because we have more time to prep, and aren’t as rushed. The weather has been gorgeous in San Diego, especially in the evenings, so we’ve been grilling a lot. This past Saturday, we had a little veggie grilling party: Seth’s Stuffed Shrooms (, stuffed peppers and grilled zucchini.

Seth’s Stuffed Shrooms are so good, we wanted to make them again, but we had leftover stuffing, so we decided to clean out some mini-bell peppers, and stuff those as well. The peppers were great grilled and offered a different flavor if you’re not into mushrooms:

Stuffed Veggies

We also grilled some zucchini we were given from a friends parents (yay for sharing fresh food!). These zucchini are gorgeous, huge, and so easy to prepare. Simply slice them thin, toss the slices in a large zip-loc bag, sprinkle kosher salt and black pepper, and a drizzle of garlic macadamia oil and then shake in the bag. Zucchini is my favorite grilled, because it has so much water content, it crisps better, in my opinion. I use macadamia oil to cook with as it’s more heat tolerant and the properties don’t change increasing toxins, like heating olive oil. This is a Paleo aspect.

Grilled Zucchini Prep

It was a healthy, flavorful, veggie grilling party 🙂

Veggie Grilling Party!