Elimination Station, right here!

Phew! Things have been so busy that I’ve rarely been on the computer at all, and sometimes I just want to go home and hibernate (am I the only one that wants to do this? Go home and escape the rest of the world? I can’t be.). In addition to busy, I’m still really struggling with digestive issues, so I’m trying to work through those the best I can and still remain positive.

This last Monday I decided to get more strict for 30 days and see if it helps, so here’s what I’m doing:

  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • No dairy
  • No nuts
  • No eggs (SAD)
  • No artificial sweeteners (read: gum)

Coffee has been no big deal (much to my surprise). I think I like the idea of coffee more than the actual coffee itself. Alcohol, I miss my glass of wine, but it’s fine. Dairy, I’d already eliminated most anyway (except for occasional cheese or grass-fed butter), so not a big change there. No nuts has been fine. I miss a little almond butter in the morning with my banana, and I occasionally used nuts as an easy go-to snack or fat/protein, so maybe I miss the convenience more? Eggs. I miss them. I really do. I was eating a lot of them, and they’re my go-to protein on a late dinner night, for breakfast, etc. They go with everything and are fabulous. I miss chewing gum too…but I think that’s just a habit.

In addition to the eliminations, I’m eating less fruit (fructose can be hard to digest for some), more veggies and protein. I’m drinking my home-brewed kombucha regularly (I still can’t believe I’m continuously brewing my own kombucha!) and making a batch of bone broth weekly that I drink daily (it’s so good and comforting and warm). I’m also getting a lot more sleep, which is wonderful.

So far, my stomach has been better, but it’s only been 3 days. I remain cautiously optimistic 🙂

Taking all this into consideration, I still cook something everyday! I’ve been cooking pretty simple (but yummy!) things. Last night I sauteed onion, broccoli and cauliflower in some coconut oil with garlic, and then drizzled a little balsamic vinegar on it. I paired it with a turkey burger and some bacon.DSC_0674DSC_0678

1, 2, ready, SCOBY Start!

I started growing my own SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) the other night so I can begin fermenting my own kombucha at home. I’m excited! For those unfamiliar with kombucha, it’s a fermented tea full of super duper healthy probiotics, and slightly fizzy. I plan on trying all sorts of flavors with mine to see what I can come up with. I followed the directions here: Mother May I Make a Kombucha Scoby. Also, her blog is fabulous!

Now let’s hope it grows 🙂

Supplies I used: Cheesecloth, organic cane sugar (1/3 cup), 2 black tea bags, 1 jar raw organic unflavored kombucha (GT’s Brand), 4 cup Pyrex dish and beverage jar.DSC_0127

Brewed the sweet tea, let it sit until it was room temperature, combined it with the kombucha, and covered with cheesecloth:DSC_0143

See the strand? I hope this is a good sign.DSC_0144