Trader Joe’s Garlic “Flavored” Olive Oil

I just posted an article on my Facebook page the other about what “natural flavors” are. Pretty much comes down to if it says natural, it’s most likely not, and disgusting too. Here’s the article: “Chemical Warfare with Natural Flavor.” Thanks to Food Babe for this!

One of my most favorite, and simplest lunches is butter lettuce, avocado, sea salt and black pepper, with Trader Jose’s 100% Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Garlic Flavored Olive Oil. I was worried by the word flavored, and preferred to know what it was (and what I’m putting in my body), so I (7)

Here’s what I sent Trader Joe’s:

Hello There!
I am needing to understand the ingredients behind the “Organic Natural Garlic Flavor” included in this Garlic Flavored Olive Oil, as a result of serious food sensitivities. I tried to research on your site, but couldn’t find the information. It is my all time favorite, but am concerned about the ingredients that are in the “natural flavoring.”
Thanks so much!

Trader Joe’s response:

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for contacting us! There are no “natural flavors” listed in our Trader Joe’s 100% Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Garlic Flavored Olive Oil. The “Organic Natural Garlic Flavor” is made by extracting and concentrating the best Spanish Organic Garlic then added to the oil.
Thanks again,
Nicki K.
Trader Joe’s
Customer Relations

Love their customer relations and I will continue eating my favorite quick lunch salad 🙂 Better salad dressing than Kraft Ranch any day. Ha.

“Natural Flavors”

In my quest for health and wellness, I’m trying to understand everything I put in my body and what’s an issue for me. I don’t eat a lot of things that have an ingredient list, but one thing I do consume a lot is hot tea. I love it, I think it’s beneficial for my health, and has antioxidant properties.

I ran across a huge sale on Tazo teas recently and was thrilled, so I stocked up! I bought several boxes and have been enjoying them, but upon further investigation, I’d like to know in the ingredients what they include in “natural flavors.” My first thought is if you add something back in, it isn’t natural, and second, this ingredient (I don’t like calling it that, it’s more like a category) can include a whole mess of stuff. So I emailed Tazo.

My email to Tazo on January 31:


I am an avid tea drinker and LOVE Tazo teas, however, I am discovering some allergies to certain spices/additives. Can someone please provide a breakdown of the “natural flavors” listed in most Tazo teas, or what makes up that category? I know that “natural flavors” typically encompasses different things. I realize they may vary by kind, but I really appreciate your help.

Thanks so much,

Linds Swanson

Their reply on January 31:

Hello Lindsay,

Thank you for taking the time to write.  Your search for enlightenment into the world of Tazo is to be admired.  With this first step on the path, may you find answers you seek.

While we understand that some customers may have a need to know specific ingredient information prior to consuming a product, unfortunately we are unable to provide more in-depth information than what is currently available in the ingredient statement. If there are concerns about this product possibly containing an ingredient that you do not wish to consume, we would recommend that product not be consumed.

Thanks again for writing us.  If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



A Tea Enthusiast Advisor

Seems pretty corporate to me, no? Honestly, I guess I wasn’t that shocked, but as soon as my Tazo teas are gone, I’m not buying anymore. Things like this are frustrating for me, when I’m trying to pinpoint and solve issues with my health and body (do the “natural flavors” include nightshades?). Furthermore, if you won’t tell a consumer what you’re putting in a product, it’s a red flag for me. I think I have a right to know what I’m eating and drinking, right, especially when I’m paying for it?

So long, Tazo!