Recipe Review-Paleo Pumpkin Spice Poppers!

Truth be told, I rarely bake anymore. Not that I don’t miss it, I just don’t eat baked goods even if they are healthier, paleo-friendly, etc. Honestly, I’ve come to recognize how my brain and body feel when I eat sugar and I’m just not a fan anymore. That said, the holidays this year brought about the itch to bake. Seth and I had an ugly sweater party to go to in mid-December, and we always bring a lot of food (good cheeses, meats, raw honey, nut crackers, PIG CANDY), but I wanted to take something sweet this year, yet still on the healthier side, enter Paleo Pumpkin Spice Poppers from Rubies and Radishes!

They’re fabulous. Just hands down, FABULOUS and I highly recommend! The recipe is really easy to follow, and is one that you can make, then do something else if you’re busy (aren’t we all?), let them cool (go do something else), then finish the last step before heading to your get together. I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out perfect; like little miniature doughnut holes – doughnuts were my all time faileo food, I lived for doughnuts pre-paleo.

A few notes:

  • For the coating, I did use raw, organic maple sugar (ever since discovering this stuff, I’m a huge fan!)
  • I waited longer before rolling them in the butter/sugar/cinnamon mixture, so mine had been cool for some time
  • Even though I followed the recipe exactly – I yielded quite a bit more (fine by me!)

They were gone half-way through the ugly sweater party:photo 1 (22)photo 2 (23)

And the debut of 2013 Ugly Sweater, just for you 🙂photo 1 (23)photo 2 (24)