Bacon Wrapped Dates

Have a party, and make these!

I accidentally bought dates with pits – I can assure you that probably won’t ever happen again 😉 IMG_3466

I pitted each date, wrapped it in a 1/3-1/4 strip of bacon (depending on the size of the date), and skewered. I ended up with 3 full skewers, so I flavored each differently: salt and pepper, garlic chili, and maple. I broiled for about 20 minutes flipping half-way through, then baked at 350 degrees (to make sure the bacon was done all the way through) for about 10 minutes. Just keep an eye on them, you’ll be able to tell when they’re done.IMG_3470

One recommendation for the flavorings, be very generous and use more than you’d think you would want, it really helps the flavor stick. Salt and pepper were just fresh ground right on top. For the garlic and chili I used garlic powder, and ground chili pepper (not spicy at all! Again, use more than you’d think). For the maple, I simply drizzled pure maple syrup over the length of the skewer. When I flipped them, I did the same. I loved them all, but preferred the salt and pepper!IMG_3474

Raisins…or Dried Grapes

I’ve thought those puny little shriveled things were so gross, for so long. Not until I went to lunch with some co-workers and our charcuterie plate came with fresh, dried grapes. Holy buckets! I never saw raisins the same.

Seth tried drying some red seedless grapes in the food dehydrator he bought me for Christmas last year, and they were fabulous. It takes a long time, but it’s well worth it in our opinion. We couldn’t get over the size difference between store-bought and home dried (interesting to think that you don’t like a certain food, but in reality, if you actually make the food yourself, it is good!):

I recently tried drying black seedless grapes, and much to my surprise they didn’t take near as long to dry and taste even sweeter! You can munch on them, use them in salads, add them to baked vegetable dishes, combine them with a meet and cheese board, etc.