Pancakes, a recipe review!

Seth and I have this long-standing tradition of getting up early on the weekends, and going out for breakfast-we beat the crowds/lines, and have “talky time” where we catch up, talk and plan our weekend. This past Saturday however, I decided to make breakfast at home instead, so I could make a new recipe I’d been wanting to try-pancakes (plus, I wanted to use my new stove-top griddle I got for Christmas-thanks Mom)!

I found the recipe here: For those of you not familiar with Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, I suggest you check out his website: Not only are his recipes fabulous, his story is inspiring. Being an Active Duty Navy Spouse myself, I’m thankful for his commitment to our country, and empowered by his approach to health and wellness.

The pancakes were nothing short of amazing-and completely satisfied my craving for pancakes (which was always one of my favorite carby foods pre-Paleo). A few notes:

  • I followed the recipe exactly, as I always try to do the first time
  • They actually didn’t taste very banana-y, even though this was the base for the batter
  • I used my kitchenaid mixer, so I still had some banana pieces in my batter-which was fine with me
  • I see what he means about keeping them small, for ease of flipping
  • I kept ours dairy-free, but drizzled just a bit of organic maple syrup on them
  • You would think 3 bananas wouldn’t create enough batter for 2 people-it totally did! We both had a decent portion of pancakes, and then we paired it with protein
  • Very easy recipe! The best kind!!
  • Tip: how to know when to flip your pancakes? When they get little holes in the top-see pic

Looking forward to trying more recipes from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations 🙂DSC_0039DSC_0043DSC_0047DSC_0045DSC_0050