Fun Saturday Finds!

Seth and I have a tradition, breakfast on at least one weekend day each weekend, and in San Diego, the opportunities for breakfast are endless, lucky us. We get up early, get to a yummy spot and catch up, or as we say, have “talky time.” This morning, we headed for La Jolla because there was a specialty bakery I wanted to swing by afterward, also in La Jolla.

We went to one of our favorite spots in La Jolla, The Cottage They have a fabulous patio, great food and service, and will let you sub the best looking fresh fruit you’ve seen for anything that comes with your meal (i.e., grains). I highly recommend the Mediterranean Omelette, with the best sweet Italian sausage you’ll taste!

After we finished up, we headed for Julian Bakery where I wanted to buy a loaf of their new, only one of it’s kind, Paleo Bread. Yes, that’s right, Paleo Bread, and they even make two kinds (almond and coconut). I opted for coconut this morning, and also found a small jar of organic, natural apple butter, which I’ve been in the market for too. Can you imagine, bread that doesn’t have an ingredient list the length of the Great Wall of China? Welcome back bruschetta!

Fun Saturday Finds in La Jolla!

2 thoughts on “Fun Saturday Finds!

  1. I might just have to try a loaf of that sometime, it looks really good and at 40 calories per slice, that’s not too bad. Let me know if it is good!

    • It was really good Mom, especially with the apple butter! Typically any non-gluten bread can be quite dry, but it is very moist and dense. Great toasted, and a nice treat for us with breakfast 🙂

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