Perfectly Balanced Meal, in every way!

I suggested we make bacon turkey burgers the other night, mixing diced uncured bacon in with formed turkey patties, Seth had an even better suggestion, turkey burgers, with bacon patties. OKAY! This meal ended up turning into one of the most fantastic dinners with a perfect balance in fat, fruit, vegetable and flavor we’ve had in a long time.

Turkey Burgers

  • Organicville ground turkey
  • Mini bell peppers
  • Red onion
  • Garlic
  • Kosher Salt/Pepper (however much you prefer)

Dice all veggies and garlic into small pieces, and hand mix all ingredients with the turkey. Form into whatever size patties you prefer, and pan fry, in organic, raw butter.

Bacon Patties

  • Uncured bacon

Dice a package of uncured bacon into pieces, and form into patties. Not as easy as it might look because there is nothing to bind them together, but do your best. Again, making as many patties as you prefer, to sit on top of your turkey burger (or, just to eat). Gently place them in a pan on top of the stove to cook, and carefully turn with a spatula when one side starts to brown. Seth drained some of the bacon grease, so they would continue to crisp as they cook.

Not going for presentation, we needed some fruit and vegetable to add to the mix, so we piled some organic baby butter lettuces on a plate, and centered the turkey burger in the middle. Then we placed the bacon patty directly on top of the turkey burger. Peach, was the perfect flavor addition to the bacon, and tomatoes added a freshness to the salad and turkey burger (who needs bread here, I mean really?).

A spur of the moment, now favorite meal, added to our rotation.

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