It’s Friday, would you like some crack?

The end of the week…Friday, in offices all across the country, there are muffins, bagels and donuts galore. For some stereotypical reason, because we’ve survived the hectic week, we feel we should reward ourselves with this crap.

Here’s another plug for Wheat Belly (see: for those that haven’t read it yet, but genetically modified grains (thanks Norman Borlaug!) today, have the same effect on your dopamine receptors in your brain as, heavy drugs, which is why we can’t quit consuming them.

Would you like some crack with your coffee this morning?

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday, would you like some crack?

    • Hi Marti, thanks for your reply! We hurt ourselves and our own health when we eat these things, but because it can takes years for the symptoms and issues to present themselves, people don’t often correlate a connection.

  1. OMG that was so me (and many others) at my school on Fridays–another benefit of “retiring” from there is not having this around in the lounge on Fridays!! Thanks for posting this, Linds! I still indulge some but not like I used to–making progress:)

    • It’s amazing Barb, if you think about it-how much food we have around us constantly in the work environment. There are all of these articles popping up everywhere about how “sitting is killing us” in our 9-5 jobs, yet, I’m not so sure that’s the reason entirely. Sitting AND eating all day at our desks is. Slow progression is the best way to make lifestyle changes Barb, and there is nothing wrong with indulging every now and then! Good for you 🙂

    • I’ve heard this Jen, on numerous occasions, just haven’t read much about it yet! Thanks for your comment, it reminds me I need to read up more on dairy. I know Casein causes a lot of problems, and gluten is starting to pop up in dairy now, too.

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