It’s Friday, would you like some crack?

The end of the week…Friday, in offices all across the country, there are muffins, bagels and donuts galore. For some stereotypical reason, because we’ve survived the hectic week, we feel we should reward ourselves with this crap.

Here’s another plug for Wheat Belly (see: for those that haven’t read it yet, but genetically modified grains (thanks Norman Borlaug!) today, have the same effect on your dopamine receptors in your brain as, heavy drugs, which is why we can’t quit consuming them.

Would you like some crack with your coffee this morning?

Wheat Belly-a Must Read

Have you read this book? It is absolutely a must read for anyone that might want to lose weight that is having difficulty doing so, is having any number of health issues or chronic problems, and might be interested in knowing what “whole grains” actually do to your body. There is no such thing.

At first it gives a brief history of how wheat has developed and evolved over 100s of years, and then it moves into the science behind what wheat actually does to the human body. Think cocaine for the same effects.

Anyone that wants to take charge of their health, feel better, lose weight, and avoid additional chronic health problems throughout life, must read. It will make you think twice before reaching for your next pastry, pasta or pizza [a.k.a. poison].

They also have a blog found here and the author regularly responds to questions and comments: