10 thoughts on “Izzy Pays Rent…

    • I ❤ her. Anything she "catches" she always puts in her food dish for us to find when we get home (typically, it's my socks). We have a big change fishbowl, and it cracked recently, so every now and then, a coin slips through. We're replacing it though, so she doesn't eat them!!

  1. Surprised you don’t feed your cat the “Paleo” version for cats? Kibble is boxed pre-made and not natural for cats and dogs. Have you looked into Raw natural /nature’s food for your beloved cat?

    • Hi Ann! We usually feed her Organix brand food, grain/dairy/soy free, but alas, they were out last time 😦 I have put a little more focus on my health, in all honesty, and learning as much as I can about Paleo, before jumping into Pet Paleo, but that is progressing too 🙂

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