Paleo and Type 1 Diabetes

I was very excited and honored when Kerri at asked me if I would consider a guest post on living the Paleo lifestyle, frankly, because she rocks. Not being an expert in Paleo, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about. I ended up with a post about my experiences living Paleo with type 1 diabetes, which can be a challenge, but one that I’ve found is well worth it. It is a journey that I’ve enjoyed and know will continue.

You can find my guest post here:

Thanks to Kerri for the opportunity to share my experiences 🙂

6 thoughts on “Paleo and Type 1 Diabetes

  1. I have a question, how do you treat a low eating Paleo? My wife and I are going to start the Paleo lifestyle and I don’t know what to do when low. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! I really like your blog!

    • Hi Jake, I’m T1 and Paleo and use juice boxes. Paleo for me means carbs come from fruits, period. While I wouldn’t drink juice as part of my diet, those little boxes keep well and are just the ticket for me…

  2. Great blog! My wife and I are going to start the Paleo lifestyle and I was curious as to what you do when you have a low blood sugar. I would imagine you have some fruit or fruit juice, but I don’t know for sure. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks so much for your guest post–I wouldn’t have found you otherwise (well maybe, in time). I am very grateful to have found your site! I have been inching toward doing the Paleo lifestyle as a Type 1 diabetic and your blog and post answered many of my questions. If anyone reading this would like some moral support and is in want of an “Accountability Buddy” or someone to check in with on a regular basis for progress, tips, pitfalls, etc., I’d love one as well. Doing this with a diabetes buddy would be a great support–just putting it out there!!!

  4. So glad I stumbled upon your blog thanks to your guest post! I’m interested in starting Paleo as a T1 and you have helped clear up a lot of questions I’ve had! Much appreciated and I will definitely keep coming back. I am ready to feel better in my body and stop having so many fluctuations in bloodsugar and mood! If you or anyone else reading this would like an accountability buddy–a diabetic buddy who is also doing Paleo, I’d love to have and give the added support. My partner says he’ll do it with me, but I’d also love a buddy who has diabetes and is going through some of the same changes I am. Thanks again for helping me and so many others with your blog! I’ve had T1 for a long time but never tried Paleo before–and frankly, have gotten into a bit of a rut!

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