Paleo in Africa?

Forgive my lack of posting in the last few days, as my husband and I have ramped up preparations for our trip to Africa (we leave tomorrow!!). I cannot believe it has come so fast, and the overwhelming feeling I have that I am forgetting something important, is not my favorite.

I’ve thought a lot about food while we’re going to be over there. I am of course taking a lot of food with me (I have to with type 1 diabetes, I always have food), but what are my options going to be when I get there? I have no idea! I, as well as Seth were both instructed to only eat cooked food. I am of course going to eat any ethnic food while I’m there, to have the experience, but I also feel as though my options may be more limited, and I’m going to have to eat, what I have the option to eat. It is going to be challenging, considering I live on salads/veggies/fruits, but not knowing how my body is going to react (blood sugar, digestion, etc…) is a little frightening, too.

On the other hand, my Paleo options, might be more than I think…if we end up at a wild game restaurant, and have antelope, well, that’s probably about as Paleo as I could get, as I’m sure it is free roaming, and grass-fed 😉Paleo Africa

All part of the adventure, I suppose 🙂 And there will be lots of pictures of food too, I’m sure (me? food pictures? never! ha.).

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