My Garden is…growing?

Now that JDRF Walk season, the holidays, and travel are over, I finally have time to start cleaning out my garden (yes, in San Diego, you can wait until the end of December to do this!). As soon as I got out there and got started last weekend-it started to rain (yup, it rains in San Diego, too!). I managed to get 3/4 of it cleaned out, and will finish up this weekend, but look what I found:

DSC_0025In the left corner is Italian oregano, on the right is golden oregano, in the middle, is the rosemary bush, and back behind is my little basil bush that (was 4 ft tall) I trimmed back and is making a comeback. All organic, and doing well for as chilly as it’s been.

Fresh fish is marinating in the fridge in lemon, white wine and rosemary!

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