Sun Sugar Tomato Salad

One of the tomato plants I planted this year is a “Sun Sugar Cherry” plant (each year, I kind of just pick 5/6 different kinds and see what I end up with-however, this one will be planted every year). Little orange cherry tomatoes, that are, surprisingly sweet and flavorful. In fact, after I picked them last night I tried one, and then I had quite a few more (fun fact: several years ago, Sun Sugar was named by Sunset Magazine as the best tasting tomato in their trials for its sweetness and rich tomato flavor that includes just the right amount of tartness!). Probably the best cherry tomato I’ve ever had. I decided to throw together a salad with ingredients I had at home, and it turned out to be fabulous!

Sun Sugar Tomato Salad

  • Butter lettuce
  • Diced red onion
  • Chopped crimini mushrooms
  • Grilled garlic
  • Sun Sugar tomatoes
  • Chopped beets
  • Microgreens
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Tessemae’s Cracked Pepper dressing

Toss everything in the bowl, and top with¬†a handful of¬†microgreens, salt/pepper and some Tessemae’s (paleo friendly!) Cracked Pepper dressing.

Eat your colors!

IMG_6189[1] IMG_6193[1] IMG_6205[1] IMG_6208[1]

2014 Garden

I’ve really enjoyed gardening this year, I do every year, really, but it is so zen for me. I feel like I am getting pretty successful at growing a variety of fruits/veggies/herbs, with less effort (as in more effective spacing/staking/caging, rotation, pest control).

I planted the garden on 4/15/2014. I picked my first zucchini two weeks ago…with extremely dry and warmer than usual temperatures here in San Diego, it’s grown very rapidly.

I’ve got zucchini, cucumbers (yay for crop rotation, they’re actually growing/producing!), 5 different kinds of peppers, 5 different kinds of tomatoes, kale, 3 different kinds of lettuce, mint, lavender, basil, oregano and chives. I’ve been picking tomato blooms off the plants for about 5 weeks, so the plants can grown and produce a higher yield. I’m letting them go now so should have tomatoes soon.



My Garden is…growing?

Now that JDRF Walk season, the holidays, and travel are over, I finally have time to start cleaning out my garden (yes, in San Diego, you can wait until the end of December to do this!). As soon as I got out there and got started last weekend-it started to rain (yup, it rains in San Diego, too!). I managed to get 3/4 of it cleaned out, and will finish up this weekend, but look what I found:

DSC_0025In the left corner is Italian oregano, on the right is golden oregano, in the middle, is the rosemary bush, and back behind is my little basil bush that (was 4 ft tall) I trimmed back and is making a comeback. All organic, and doing well for as chilly as it’s been.

Fresh fish is marinating in the fridge in lemon, white wine and rosemary!

I see red!

Went out to check on my garden this morning after working out, and I found a lot of red and almost red Juliet Grape tomatoes. I hadn’t even realized they were there, because they’re fairly hidden, but finally! I’ll have to do some picking when I get home tonight. There was one that had fallen off the vine, so I brought it in.

Just for fun, I decided to compare it to the store bought grape tomatoes I have, what a difference: