Diabetes Art Day 2013

I love the idea of Diabetes Art Day, read more about it here: Diabetes Art Day. Last year was my first time participating; it was rushed, and came at a time when I was just pissed at diabetes. This year, my head was a little more clear.

I created a functional piece of diabetes art, inspired by the endless supplies that accompany the disease. I call this my Supply Garden, complete with varying degrees of flowers (considering the amount of supplies, maybe it should be called a forest??). I’d never paid much attention before, but realized that diabetes is a very “blue” disease-a large majority of all the supplies are blue. Coincidence?DSC_0212DSC_0210 DSC_0215Represented here are: glucose test strips, 2 different gauges of disposable insulin pen needles, insulin vial, vial cap, a couple used reservoirs with a few units of insulin left in them, reservoir plunger, lancets, infusion site tubing, test strip control solution, a Medtronic CGM sensor (because nobody wants to wear those things, so they became pretty purple art), glucagon injection, glucagon powder, 3 reservoir syringes, all atop a quickset infusion site box 🙂

This barely touches on the things needed to manage this disease.


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