2 Quick Cabbage Recipes!

I love cabbage for it’s flavor, versatility, as well as how good it is for you! I stumbled into a couple very large heads of cabbage, so I got creative!

The first attempt was roasted cabbage with diced lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. I found this recipe on Pinterest, from Wishful Chef – Roasted Cabbage with Lemon and Garlic. Simply slice the head of cabbage into slices, and then top with the oil/seasonings. Really, you could do anything with this, and it’s super simple!IMG_3559[1]IMG_3561[1]IMG_3566[1]

After that, I still had 1 head of cabbage left. I threw a lia sophia jewelry party a couple weeks ago, and decided to make an easy salad out of it. I cut the head into chunks, and shredded the entire head in the food processor, until it was fairly fine. I then ground fresh black pepper, sprinkled with sea salt, drizzled olive oil, and tossed in a fresh grated 3 cheese blend (consisting of parmesan, asiago and mozzarella). Tossed and refrigerated until the party. It was really good, and would be an excellent party food.IMG_3898[1]

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