Loose Leaf Tea

My new obsession. I’ve always been a tea drinker (of all kinds, thanks mom!), but am learning that loose leaf is so much better. For flavor, anti-inflammatory properties, health, calming, and just overall wellness (bitter herbs for digestion, aloe for inflammation, etc…).

While I was in Breckenridge I was out shopping with my girlfriend, and we stumbled upon the Breckenridge Spice Merchants, a quaint little store full of loose leaf teas and spices. Here is what I purchased:IMG_3951[1]

Of course then I had to purchase a TeaZe Infuser, and I absolutely LOVE IT. The tea tastes a million times better, you can make more than just a mug, steep and then place it on top of your mug and the fresh brewed tea strains right into your mug. It also came with a coaster, so any drippage is caught. I always thought loose leaf tea was such a hassle, but with the right tools in your arsenal, it’s wonderful. IMG_3955[1]IMG_3959[1]IMG_3962[1]

I also have this handy to-go mug from Aladdin. Simply fill the basket with loose leaf tea, once it’s done steeping, just flip the lever, and the basket pops back up into the lid and you can enjoy a mug of hot tea.IMG_3964[1]

Tell me what you think!

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