A good write-up that’s easy to understand regarding Gluten/Foods/Agriculture. Think about it…yet another reason to just go Paleo! Do it!


By now you’ve probably heard of people going gluten-free.  If you’re like me, this has probably also induced some eye-rolling and wondering what the fuss is all about.  Well, at the suggestion of my doctor (quoted in this article from One Medical, a medical practice that actually functions like it’s the 21st century) I reluctantly decided to give the gluten-free diet a shot as treatment for a bad case of patellar tendinitis (knee pain) that was keeping me from running.  And when I say reluctantly, I mean reluctantly.  I love running, but I went through every other suggestion she had to offer before trying this “new fad”.

I’ve been off gluten for about three months now and the resulting improvements in my health by themselves would have been sufficient to keep me off the stuff (I’m trail running again and, well, I fart less.  Apologies to my college roommate…

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Thursday Thoughts

Progress lies in the direction we haven’t been.

–Gloria Steinem, political activist, writer, and editor

I love this quote. I think the only way that we improve as individuals, is to force ourselves to step outside of the norm or box (or bowl), even if it goes against the “grain.” I’ve found from experience when I put myself in an uncomfortable situation, is when I learn and grow most.

Should we eat lotion?

A while back I went on a Minor Food Rant, see: http://wp.me/p2zSoO-2y. In this post I mentioned the chemical EDTA, on the watch list to be investigated, but not quite high priority, despite what it has been linked to, blaa, blaa, blaa. Okay fine.

So, last night I was cleaning my bathroom, and I casually glanced at the ingredients on a bottle of body butter sitting on the vanity, I laughed out loud-EDTA. So, here we have this bottle of lotion, that contains some of the same ingredients as our food? Last time I checked, we were not designed to eat lotion? FAIL. 

Unfortunately, when I went to their website, they failed to list EDTA in their ingredient glossary: http://www.h2oplus.com/category/about+us/ingredient+glossary.do?nType=1 Oh! But their products are safe for pregnant women and they carefully select preservatives: http://www.h2oplus.com/category/skin+care+help/faqs.do?nType=2

Mind boggling.