Should we eat lotion?

A while back I went on a Minor Food Rant, see: In this post I mentioned the chemical EDTA, on the watch list to be investigated, but not quite high priority, despite what it has been linked to, blaa, blaa, blaa. Okay fine.

So, last night I was cleaning my bathroom, and I casually glanced at the ingredients on a bottle of body butter sitting on the vanity, I laughed out loud-EDTA. So, here we have this bottle of lotion, that contains some of the same ingredients as our food? Last time I checked, we were not designed to eat lotion? FAIL. 

Unfortunately, when I went to their website, they failed to list EDTA in their ingredient glossary: Oh! But their products are safe for pregnant women and they carefully select preservatives:

Mind boggling.

4 thoughts on “Should we eat lotion?

  1. So your saying not use my cucumber lotion as a salad dressing 😉
    Hmmm…their ingredients start off natural but need science to maintain freshness & actually make the product “work”. In the end, is there any benefit from the natural ingredient?

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