Thursday Thoughts

The best thing a person can feel is to be accepted as they are, not as they will be when they grow up, but as they are now, right this very minute.

–Mr. Rogers

Thursday Thoughts

By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved – and perhaps learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses – you actually can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.

Jack Canfield

Diabetes Blog Week Day 4 – Mantras and More

Today we are getting back to the positive with our topic Mantras and More. Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today let’s share what gets you through a hard day? Or, more specifically, a hard diabetes day? Something positive you tell yourself, or mantras, or what you fall back on to get you through. Maybe we’ve done that and we can help others do it too? (Thanks to Meri of Our Diabetic Life for suggesting this topic.)

I have to think positively about diabetes. It isn’t always easy, and for a long time I didn’t. I don’t really have a go-to or fall back, it’s just been changing my thought patterns and views on living with diabetes. Being controlling and focusing on all the hiccups that come with living with this disease, did far more harm to my physical and mental health, than I thought. Once I relinquished that need to control, and just accept the tough times, things drastically improved.

It is what it is, it won’t go away, so I’ve accepted it 🙂