Goodbye, Puppy Lucy

October 9, 2015 our favorite Golden, Puppy Lucy passed away suddenly. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her in some form or another. I laugh about how funny she was, I smile at how she loved unconditionally and I cry that she is no longer here with us. I try to find solace in knowing with the tough life she had and all the health challenges she faced, that she is in a better more comfortable place now.

2015 was hard. Our year started with Seth returning home from a 7 1/2 month deployment, moving 10 days later across the country to Minnesota, me transitioning my job to remote, and then filled the rest of the year with lots of travel for the both of us. We barely saw each other, and my Dad got to spend a lot of time with his grand dog. That Friday in October we were really looking forward to date night. It’d been a while since we sat down in front of one another and enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation together. Lucy had been with my parents while we were both out of town, on the farm chasing squirrels and my Dad called me while I was in San Diego for work one day saying that all of a sudden she just wasn’t acting herself. I told him she had a little episode like that a few weeks prior, lasted a couple days and then she was back to her normal self again (she was still drinking, etc.), I told him to keep a close eye on her and if anything changed or escalated take her to the ER vet. He ended up doing that just a couple hours later when she wasn’t really moving and no longer wagging (if you knew Luc, you knew this was a bad sign). The vet diagnosed her with gastritis, prescribed antibiotics, and that seemed to help her snap out of it.

Fast forward to Friday, Seth goes down to the basement to do something and she follows him downstairs, but we realize a 1/2 hour later that she hadn’t come back up so Seth goes downstairs to see what shes up to. He found her laying at the bottom of the stairs, somewhat listless and breathing heavily. He came all the way upstairs to talk to me about it (I was getting ready for date night), and asked me to come downstairs to check on Lucy, he didn’t think she was doing very good. In that minute that he came upstairs to get me and me going down to the basement, she passed away. I found her at the bottom of the stairs with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. I knew immediately when I saw her and screamed for Seth, he ran downstairs and carried her limp body to the car while I called the ER vet with tears pouring out of my eyes, for directions and prep for them to come out immediately upon our arrival. We have never driven so fast in our lives.

We pulled right up to the front and they came out with a cart, we laid her down and they wheeled her back. We stayed in a private room, and then the ER vet came in and said attempts to restart her heart failed and there was no brain activity measured. They wheeled her back in so we could say our goodbyes and see her one last time. We opted not to have an autopsy done, most likely it was a seizure (she had canine epilepsy).

She was the best, most lovable, happy-go-lucky dog. Our little Puerto Rican Perrito we got when she was a mere 5 weeks old and 5lbs. She was a tiny fuzzball. I’m so thankful that she hung on through all of Seth’s sea time and deployments, made it to the farm, and got to spend the summer at the lake with Dad. I think she knew she had to wait for the best summer of her life.

We miss you, sweet girl ❤




Thursday Thoughts

The best thing a person can feel is to be accepted as they are, not as they will be when they grow up, but as they are now, right this very minute.

–Mr. Rogers