Sprout me! Maybe?

I love brussels sprouts as much as anyone. I could literally eat them everyday, in a multitude of ways. Roasted, tossed with different things, as a side, as a meal, shredded, baked, whatever. However, they take so long to properly wash and clean. Wash, cut, clean, dissect, etc. I’ve mentioned this to a few friends and they’re like, “oh, just eat them whole,” or, “it doesn’t take me long…?”

Sprouts, as much as I love them, are wormy. They have a lot of little¬†crevices¬†for worms to hide. This is why I insist on pulling them apart and cleaning them well. The same friends that I mentioned above I’ve shared this knowledge with, and so they too have started pulling them apart (some for the first time), and they came back to me and said, “omg, so gross, we had no idea!” Almost every single batch of sprouts I make, I find worms or little gray spider-like bugs inside. Last night was no exception-I found 4 worms, 2 of which were alive and well.

Clean your sprouts, peeps!DSC_0684DSC_0686