Sprout me! Maybe?

I love brussels sprouts as much as anyone. I could literally eat them everyday, in a multitude of ways. Roasted, tossed with different things, as a side, as a meal, shredded, baked, whatever. However, they take so long to properly wash and clean. Wash, cut, clean, dissect, etc. I’ve mentioned this to a few friends and they’re like, “oh, just eat them whole,” or, “it doesn’t take me long…?”

Sprouts, as much as I love them, are wormy. They have a lot of little crevices for worms to hide. This is why I insist on pulling them apart and cleaning them well. The same friends that I mentioned above I’ve shared this knowledge with, and so they too have started pulling them apart (some for the first time), and they came back to me and said, “omg, so gross, we had no idea!” Almost every single batch of sprouts I make, I find worms or little gray spider-like bugs inside. Last night was no exception-I found 4 worms, 2 of which were alive and well.

Clean your sprouts, peeps!DSC_0684DSC_0686

Digestion, Diabetes, and Paleo

Some people thing I’m crazy for being as passionate as I am about food, constantly reading, researching, and trying to understand my body; and furthermore, becoming even more strict as of late. I’m sure I annoy plenty. Not that it matters what anybody thinks, but I thought I’d shed a little insight about what has fueled this passion in me. Indulge me.

Exhibit 1: here is a look at what happens to me, as I progress throughout each day. By the end of the day after dinner, my abdomen is so distended that I can barely breathe from the pressure underneath my lungs and diaphragm. Sometimes, it’s painful and other times it’s not, it’s completely random. I don’t know about you, but (a small) part of the reason I exercise regularly is to not look as though I’m pregnant.Belly

Exhibit 2: this is what’s happened the last two nights:Digestion Effects 1Digestion Effects 2

See those giant spikes? Not cool. Both nights, I had a super healthy dinner (as always). Each night I ate, did a few things around the house, and went to bed a few hours later. Not until the middle of the night, did my food finally show up and digest. Why? No idea.

From the digestion standpoint: why doesn’t my digestion work? Why am I sometimes miserable, other times not as much? Why is it painful sometimes, and not other times? Why does what I eat, sometimes just sit in my stomach and not do anything for hours, and other times motility is fine? How much of what I eat is actually even being digested? These and so many other unanswered questions have remained for the last 16 years, following every diagnostic test and procedure (and 1 unnecessary surgery) possible, many different “diets” plus trying every OTC, prescription and sometimes supplements ever created. Yet, here I sit, with no answers. So, where does that leave me? Food.

From the diabetes standpoint: the digestion issues listed above, complicate the hell out of it. I can rarely if ever rely on my digestion (or lack there of), which adds a whole other dimension to diabetes management. Fun times (sarcasm).

Hopefully this sheds some light into why I have gone Paleo (to heal my gut, NOT cure my diabetes as that won’t happen, ever), and why I’m venturing even deeper into food, because really, what other choice do I have? I’ve had chronic digestion issues for 16 years, and then was diagnosed with auto-immune type 1 diabetes (now 6 years. Are they related? Probably, after all, a large majority of a person’s immune system is in the GI tract-and mine has been completely bludgeoned for years). Sometimes, when you’re doing everything right, and then diabetes slaps you in the face, it’s a reminder that not only am I diligently trying to heal one thing, but I also have to manage another thing that happens to be greatly affected by the first. A very vicious cycle.

My Current “No” Tally and Impending AIP

I’m on the journey of eliminating more and more things from my lifestyle, in an attempt to heal my gut. “Modern medicine” has failed to help me, therefore, through what I’ve learned in the last year and a half I’m going to heal myself (sure wish I would’ve found this path sooner, but alas, better late than never)!

So far, I’ve eliminated nightshades (7 days), I have had no dairy (other than grass-fed butter) for 9 days and no soda for 9 days (I rarely drink soda anyway). We have family visiting now, so it’s a little more difficult to be as strict with schedules, eating, and experimenting with new things, etc.

Next Monday I’ll start the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), something I learned about through Paleo. It helps people with auto-immune diseases that continue to struggle with digestive issues and/or leaky gut, heal themselves (if you don’t know what leaky gut is, google it, as I bet you have some form of it, or again, buy Practical Paleo!!). The majority of a person’s immune system is in their gut, and considering how messed up mine is, that’s alarming, ha. Plus, it isn’t good for anyone to constantly be in a state of stress from discomfort, pain, and chronic inflammation.

So, my “no” tally is about to get real long. If anyone wants to join me, we can hold each other accountable-the first step is 30 days.