Bone Broth

Do you make it? If you don’t, you should. It’s this amazing little comfort in a cup, with powerful healing effects. A true super food. The more gelatinous it is, the more healthful it is for you (this usually comes from the neck pieces, and don’t worry, when you warm it up, its complete liquid, not jelly-like). Recommended for helping heal your gut (leaky gut), and collagen in your tissues, among many other things.

I’ve started making a batch per week. I get 7-8 8 oz jars from each batch, so I have a jar a day. I usually bring it with me to work as an afternoon snack. There are many different ways you can make yours, but here is how I make mine:

Bone Broth

  • Bones (I use pork necks from the military commissary-they’re gelatinous and dirt cheap!)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Water

This is the basic recipe. Put bones in the crock pot, add a TBSP or so of ACV, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and fill with water until you cover the bones. You can then add anything you’d choose as far as herbs, veggies, etc. I prefer fresh rosemary. Keep on low and let simmer for 24-48 hours. Warning, your house will smell amazing. Then turn it off and let it cool, and strain (through a fine mesh strainer) into a container, and bottle! Freeze if you can’t get through it in a week. This is why I make a point of making 1 batch per week, so I always have some on hand in the fridge.


My Current “No” Tally and Impending AIP

I’m on the journey of eliminating more and more things from my lifestyle, in an attempt to heal my gut. “Modern medicine” has failed to help me, therefore, through what I’ve learned in the last year and a half I’m going to heal myself (sure wish I would’ve found this path sooner, but alas, better late than never)!

So far, I’ve eliminated nightshades (7 days), I have had no dairy (other than grass-fed butter) for 9 days and no soda for 9 days (I rarely drink soda anyway). We have family visiting now, so it’s a little more difficult to be as strict with schedules, eating, and experimenting with new things, etc.

Next Monday I’ll start the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), something I learned about through Paleo. It helps people with auto-immune diseases that continue to struggle with digestive issues and/or leaky gut, heal themselves (if you don’t know what leaky gut is, google it, as I bet you have some form of it, or again, buy Practical Paleo!!). The majority of a person’s immune system is in their gut, and considering how messed up mine is, that’s alarming, ha. Plus, it isn’t good for anyone to constantly be in a state of stress from discomfort, pain, and chronic inflammation.

So, my “no” tally is about to get real long. If anyone wants to join me, we can hold each other accountable-the first step is 30 days.