My Current “No” Tally and Impending AIP

I’m on the journey of eliminating more and more things from my lifestyle, in an attempt to heal my gut. “Modern medicine” has failed to help me, therefore, through what I’ve learned in the last year and a half I’m going to heal myself (sure wish I would’ve found this path sooner, but alas, better late than never)!

So far, I’ve eliminated nightshades (7 days), I have had no dairy (other than grass-fed butter) for 9 days and no soda for 9 days (I rarely drink soda anyway). We have family visiting now, so it’s a little more difficult to be as strict with schedules, eating, and experimenting with new things, etc.

Next Monday I’ll start the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), something I learned about through Paleo. It helps people with auto-immune diseases that continue to struggle with digestive issues and/or leaky gut, heal themselves (if you don’t know what leaky gut is, google it, as I bet you have some form of it, or again, buy Practical Paleo!!). The majority of a person’s immune system is in their gut, and considering how messed up mine is, that’s alarming, ha. Plus, it isn’t good for anyone to constantly be in a state of stress from discomfort, pain, and chronic inflammation.

So, my “no” tally is about to get real long. If anyone wants to join me, we can hold each other accountable-the first step is 30 days.

5 thoughts on “My Current “No” Tally and Impending AIP

  1. Linds,
    I have the same problem and have had to take matters into my own hands!!! I’m working on clean eating (no preservatives) and it has been going really well. Good luck with finding your healing process!!! I’m with you!! xoxo

  2. Hi Linds

    I enjoy reading your site. I have eaten paleo ish for about two years. I just completed the 21 day sugar detox. Not seeing the results I had hoped for regarding my stomach and bowel movements(excuse that comment:) I also decided to eliminate night shades several days ago.
    I would be very interested in your notes and thoughts.
    As a side note; I came across your site due to the recent diagnosis of my son with T1D and celiac. However, I follow you for myself not him 🙂

    • Hi Margaret! Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear you didn’t see the results you were hoping for on the 21SDT, I think in most cases, it takes a lot longer than 21 days for things to heal, after all, my issues have been progressively mounting for what, 30 years? That’s a long time! I am writing a follow-up post on my no nightshade status, and will be posting that this Sunday, so stay tuned. I have crazy awful stomach/digestion issues, and that’s what I’m hoping to solve on this journey. What a small world that your son has been diagnosed with T1D and Celiac, I’m sorry to hear about this. Hugs!

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