Faux Pesto Pasta

Broccoli slaw-so versatile! It stays firm like an al dente pasta if not overcooked. Last week I made what not only looked like, but tasted like, pasta!

Faux Pesto Pasta

  • 1 bag of broccoli slaw
  • 1/2 diced red onion
  • Cherry or grape tomatoes
  • Sliced white mushrooms
  • Coconut Oil
  • Salt/pepper/garlic powder
  • Pesto

I sautéed the onion in about a TBSP of coconut oil. Once the onion started to soften, I added the bag of broccoli slaw, and seasoned with a little salt/pepper/garlic powder. I continued sautéing until everything was hot, and at the last-minute added the mushrooms and tomatoes (since they’re soft and I didn’t want them mushy). Last, I topped with a garlic vegan pesto I found at the Hillcrest Farmers Market a week ago. If your eyes were closed, you’d think you’d have a giant bowl of pasta with sauce in front of you. Will definitely make again, and again.photo 1 (9)photo 2 (8)photo 3 (3)photo 4 (1)

Breading Free Fried Green Tomatoes

I can’t waste food, and if something does get by me, I feel horrible. I especially can’t let anything I grow go to waste. The last time Seth and I re-staked the garden, there were quite a few green Roma/Grape casualties. I decided I would go ahead and pick them up, while I was picking the ripe ones, too.

Last night I fried them. OH EM GEE. Now, I want to go pick large green tomatoes and make a friggin fried green tomato stack.

Breading Free Fried Green Tomatoes

  • Green tomatoes (cherry, grape, small roma)
  • Reserved bacon fat
  • Sea salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic powder

Heat a couple TBSP of reserved bacon fat in a skillet until liquid, and add halved green tomatoes. Season with spices, let sizzle for 10 minutes or so. Eat. Try not to inhale. You could substitute for coconut oil if you don’t want the bacon fat. Best thing about green tomatoes is they don’t get mushy or soupy.photo 1 (7) photo 3 (2)photo 1 (8)

Poached Egg…salad?

I’ve done a lot with eggs, but I’ve never topped a salad with one! The inspiration came from a newer restaurant here in San Diego, 100 Wines, from the Cohn Family Restaurant Group (one of our favorites), view the amazing menu here: 100 Wines Menu. They’re very accommodating with gluten-free, grain-free, etc. and willingly substitute breads/pita for crisp vegetables, or will remove ingredients you can’t eat, etc.

I met a girlfriend for dinner there and I enjoyed the Mixed Greens salad: poached egg, crispy pork belly, ciabatta crouton, piquillo, peppers, ginger apple dressing-sans the ciabatta crouton of course 🙂 It was fabulous! I can’t believe how awesome the yolk was mixed in with the salad. I told Seth about it, and he made this one night recently!

Burger Egg Salad

  • Burger patties, of your choice
  • Bacon
  • Over-easy or poached egg
  • Salad, of your choice

You can use any burger patties you choose, seasoned however you want, and same goes for the salad and it’s ingredients-be creative. Make the salad, top with burger, bacon and poached eggs. Mix altogether-the key is a little runny yolk, it flavors the salad so well!DSC_0226DSC_0229