Cruel Reminders

I guess this could go in my category, Diabetes Firsts, the first post of which can be read here.

Last night I changed my insulin pump site, to a new side of my body, and my most reliable area for absorption and cooperation, shall we say. I hovered just a tad bit higher than I normally do post site change and could literally feel the stinging sensation of insulin being pumped into my body. This morning after working out, still stubborn. After a couple boluses of insulin over the course of a couple of hours, still just plain stagnant and higher than I’d prefer. Okay, site isn’t working, time to change.

Head downstairs to the bathroom here at work to change, upon removal, lots of blood and kind of a red round area where it looks like it bled out underneath the skin. Insert second site, and lots of blood immediately fills the tubing…it was so fast, yet¬†seemingly¬†slow. I stood and watched, wondering if it was going to stop. I’ve never had that much blood upon insertion. Site change fail # 2. It’s only 8:45am.

Back upstairs to my desk to get another site from my on hand stock (now depleted) and head down to the bathroom again for site change # 3. Yeehaw! This one isn’t bleeding and doesn’t sting. Crossing fingers.

I’m generally a very positive person and am for the most part on diabetes autopilot, but there are times when I am so cruelly reminded of what it means to live with this disease, I just want to say fuck you and the horse you rode in on, type 1 diabetes.Infusion Site 1Infusion Site 2Site