Paleo Wraps!

Last night I made veggie wraps using fresh veggies from the garden right off the vine and our paleo Wraps! Fortunately Seth and I live in San Diego, where we can venture over to La Jolla and buy paleo products at The Julian Bakery (which we do after a yummy breakfast on the coast) 🙂 The last time I was in their La Jolla Bakery it had been redone, and was filled with paleo products, books, resources, foods, etc.!

I really liked the wraps. They’re only 70 calories (if you count), high in dietary fiber, and nothing but coconut. They had a very slight coconut flavor, every now and then depending on the bite, but not always. I was most impressed with how sturdy they were. I filled them with a moist summer vegetable mixture that I thought for sure would make them tear easy, or get soggy-not so. They never broke, even by the time I got to the third one. A bonus for me is that they’re non-gmo and vegan (yay for clean food!).

I don’t really miss tortillas, but every now and then I want a burrito, enchilada, or even just a wrap with meat/veggies. I will definitely use these again, and really the opportunities for fillings are endless! photo 1 (6)DSC_0033DSC_0037photo 2 (5)

Stir-fry, Asian Style!

I love stir-fried veggies, all different kinds. Throw them in a pan, let them cook and eat. So easy. I have been craving an Asian style flavored stir-fry, without the soy/sodium, so I threw one together last night (also inspired by the veggies that needed to be used).

Asian Stir-Fry

  • Veggies of your choosing
  • Chopped garlic cloves
  • Dried ginger
  • Kosher salt/pepp
  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut aminos

I started by melting a little coconut oil in the pan, and adding the more firm veggies-chopped garlic and onion. I sauteed until half-way cooked, then added the two kinds of zucchini and mushrooms. I seasoned with kosher salt/pepp/dried ginger, and let cook:DSC_0113It didn’t take long until they were done, so I threw them in a bowl and tossed them in coconut aminos, a substitute for soy sauce. Lower in sodium, organic, gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, soy free, etc. It satisfied the craving without being over-powering.DSC_0115



Here’s a great chart that quickly explains what GMOs are, and are not, for those that don’t fully understand them. This is also a great example of another area that Europe is way ahead of the USA.

If you’re in California, please vote YES on Prop 37 to require labeling of GMOs! Here’s another chart of the companies that do not want GMOs labeled, Kashi-well, they’re “whole grains (remember, there is no such thing today),” why wouldn’t they want to share what’s in their food? Uh huh.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know what I eat, and I think that’s my right, right?