Paleo Bread Follow-up Thoughts


Here are my thoughts on the new Coconut Flour Paleo Bread from Julian Bakery:

Fun Saturday Finds in La Jolla!

Without gluten, most breads can be quite dry (thinking of my baking experiences with almond flour here), but this bread is exactly the opposite. It is extremely dense, and quite moist. It has a bit of an egg smell, as it’s made with egg whites, and is almost a little sticky after you first refrigerate it. It has no coconut flavor, at all. You can read about the ingredients and see nutritional facts here: This is also an awesome option for those with nut allergies!

We had it Sunday morning toasted with our (organic free range pastured) eggs and (uncured) bacon, it was a really nice addition to our breakfast. We each had just one slice with apple butter, and it was great toasted because it dried it out a bit.

I was making a new recipe the other night with melted extra dark chocolate, and I had a little bit leftover-because chocolate must never be wasted, I decided to take out a slice of Paleo Bread and just roughly tear it into bite size pieces dipping it into the remaining melted chocolate-what a pleasant surprise that was! An added bonus for me living with type 1 diabetes, it has zero effect on my blood sugar = WIN!

Although we no longer eat bread of any kind, this will make it into our Paleo lifestyle rotation. I’m looking forward to trying the Almond Flour Paleo Bread, to compare.