Follow-up Post-Ox Bile

I realize, I haven’t been so great at following-up on previous blog posts, things I’m doing or trying, cooking or making (example: I still haven’t posted about my experiences growing my kombucha SCOBY [process started in January!] and subsequently how I’m now continuously brewing my kombucha). Ahh well, life is busy.

Anyway, I wanted to post a short follow-up to my original post about starting the supplement Ox Bile, found here. Believe it or not, I have received lots of emails, questions and comments from many who are still suffering post gall-bladder removal, correlation? I think not. Oh, you’re having GI issues, let’s just remove an organ! 

When I ordered the Ox Bile (from Amazon), I only saw a 500mg option. I ordered it, and followed the directions for supplementing, with 1 capsule before each meal. I noticed that my GI system was far more active (also loud!) than it typically is, however, it was too active and I encountered stomach upset. Because of my sorted and chronic GI struggles, I stuck with it to see if this was just an initial issue and my body would get accustomed to it. I took it for 30 days, and then I stopped as things still had not improved. There was a very noticeable improvement upon stopping the Ox Bile, almost immediately. Upon further research, I saw there was a 125mg option, somehow I completely missed this on Amazon, so I am going to try this smaller dose to see if it helps with digestion. I haven’t started it yet as I’m trying a few other things, but will let you know when I give it a go. My initial experience definitely isn’t a deterrent from trying to supplement with it again.

Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple just had a post in his Dear Mark series from a reader who wishes to eat primal, but is lacking a gall bladder. It’s a good read and I’d recommend it for anyone struggling along the GI path.

Ox Bile

So, I don’t have a gall bladder. One of the biggest things I regret is having it removed, but then, I didn’t know any better. I’m working on letting it go.

At the time the doctors said you don’t need it, the bile in your liver is sufficient enough to help you digest your food. Right……………it’s delivered differently, and I already couldn’t digest my food, so now that we take an organ out of the equation, it’s going to work better? Sigh.

Anyway, I started supplementing today with Ox Bile. I tend to be one of those “let’s get all the supplements we can at once and start them immediately” type of people, which does no good, because how the hell do you know what is having a positive or negative effect? So, I start this today and will continue for a period of time, before starting something else 😉 It was recommended at the Balanced Bites nutrition seminar I attended about a month ago (which I highly recommend) for people lacking gall bladders. I’ve done some research on it and read lots of reviews, so here we go!Ox Bile