Boney’s Bayside Market-Coronado, CA

Years ago on our first tour of San Diego, I stopped in to Boney’s Bayside Market in Coronado. With my passion and appreciation for food, how I nourish my body and mind, as well as how food in general is being viewed in our society, I thought while I was over on Coronado this past Sunday, I’d swing by to see what kinds of fun things I could find.

It’s like a smaller, local Whole Foods, without the Whole Foods Prices. I was super impressed. They have a fabulous selection of quality produce, meat, dairy, gluten-free options, and a great section of quality supplements. Part of the appeal is that when I asked anyone questions, they were super helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly – which gets a huge vote in my book!

At the meat counter I noticed a lot of grass-fed meats and quality chicken. When I was approached if I had any questions, I said, “of course! Is your grass-fed meat also grass finished?” His eyes lit up and he said, “it is! All the way grass-fed! In addition, our USDA Prime options, are also grass-fed.” Fabulous. He had a look on his face like how the hell does she know to ask that? Haha. Great news! As it’s not frozen, but also a great selection of frozen meats such as bison. Win!IMG_3172

I also found sprouted corn tortillas, with nothing but sprouted corn and sea salt. I don’t eat corn, but am curious to see if I can digest sprouted corn/seeds, so thought I’d give them a go and make fresh fish tacos or something similar.

Paleo Treats – Rations for the Driven? YES. I love them, and I love supporting local, they’re based right here in San Diego. I had yet to try their Bandito which surpassed all of their offerings moving to the top right behind the famed Mustang Bar. Holy mother of yumminess. I bought all the Mustang Bars (ooops) and all but one of the Bandito’s. The cashier said, “we are selling out of these like crazy!” I said “well, of course, they’re amazing!” IMG_3174

In addition I found a bunch of other fun stuff (raw cream, Suja, Two Moms in the Raw, etc.) and can’t wait to start stopping by more often! I am going to reach out to see if I can get them to start stocking pastured eggs 🙂 Then, I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for anything!! I highly recommend for a neighborhood market that has quality offerings with friendly service and supports local businesses.IMG_3175