A Holey Reminder

In the day-to-day, I am on autopilot with managing my type 1 diabetes. It is what it is, and I’m in such a routine that I don’t often give it much thought.

I’ve always stood by what my parents have instilled, in that it’s good to get your hands dirty now and then. Not only do I agree, but I often garden bare handed. Last week while pruning and trimming my tomato plants, I did so without gloves; not just green thumb, but green fingers:photo2In scrubbing them off, I noticed all the little holes in my fingers from checking my blood sugar were filled with dirt. A reminder, that yes, I do have diabetes and my fingers are holey:photo


2 thoughts on “A Holey Reminder

  1. I noticed that today also and it freaks me out,makes me itch all over,I have a minor case of trypophobia (if you don’t know what it is don’t google) it’s images of holes close together.I’m just wondering how long does it take to heal.

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