Rosemary Roasted Delicata Squash

My sister (who went Paleo and is killing it), bought some delicata squash at a local farmer’s market with my parents in Iowa…I had never heard of it, but she said it was amazing. Therefore, I had to try, I love veggies and am obsessed with trying new things. In all honesty, it was in with the pumpkins, so I think I thought initially it was a decorative gourd, haha.

I looked for a quick easy recipe to try it out, and this recipe is the one I used from White on Rice Couple.

Favorite things about this new squash: 1) it’s smaller, so much easier to cut through when raw, 2) the skin gets soft with roasting so no need to peel (yay more nutrients!), 3) tastes a little less starchy, 4) versatile, and 5) bright color 🙂

I highly recommend you buy a couple and give it a go!photo 1 (16)photo 2 (17)photo 3 (11)photo 4 (5)

Suite D Guest Post: Managing Low Blood Sugars Living the Paleo Lifestyle

This week I guest post on Suite D, the Omnipod Diabetes Blog about Managing Low Blood Sugars Living the Paleo Lifestyle.

I receive a lot of questions about lows, and Paleo, and I can assure you lows mean something different to me now, than they once did. In addition, my relationship with food has drastically changed.

If you have questions, I would love to hear them!

Trader Joe’s Garlic “Flavored” Olive Oil

I just posted an article on my Facebook page the other about what “natural flavors” are. Pretty much comes down to if it says natural, it’s most likely not, and disgusting too. Here’s the article: “Chemical Warfare with Natural Flavor.” Thanks to Food Babe for this!

One of my most favorite, and simplest lunches is butter lettuce, avocado, sea salt and black pepper, with Trader Jose’s 100% Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Garlic Flavored Olive Oil. I was worried by the word flavored, and preferred to know what it was (and what I’m putting in my body), so I (7)

Here’s what I sent Trader Joe’s:

Hello There!
I am needing to understand the ingredients behind the “Organic Natural Garlic Flavor” included in this Garlic Flavored Olive Oil, as a result of serious food sensitivities. I tried to research on your site, but couldn’t find the information. It is my all time favorite, but am concerned about the ingredients that are in the “natural flavoring.”
Thanks so much!

Trader Joe’s response:

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for contacting us! There are no “natural flavors” listed in our Trader Joe’s 100% Spanish Organic Extra Virgin Garlic Flavored Olive Oil. The “Organic Natural Garlic Flavor” is made by extracting and concentrating the best Spanish Organic Garlic then added to the oil.
Thanks again,
Nicki K.
Trader Joe’s
Customer Relations

Love their customer relations and I will continue eating my favorite quick lunch salad 🙂 Better salad dressing than Kraft Ranch any day. Ha.

Hillcrest Farmers Market

This past Sunday I finally made it to the Hillcrest Farmers Market here in San Diego. I’d been wanting to attend for some time, and finally made a point of going. I had a great time, and loved the offerings for quality food! One of the best things about living in San Diego, is the year-round offerings of amazing food and markets. I’m making more of a point to attend and check them out, there are so many to choose from, and on each day of the week.

These were my purchases last week:photo (6)

Having just received my Paderno Spiralizer and having loads of zucchini in the garden, I was really excited to get this pesto for a “pasta” sauce. The Happy Pantry, I loved! 5-6 kinds of homemade organic sauerkraut (I bought the spicy kimchee flavor after trying most of them), and can’t wait to have it with sausages, eggs, etc. On the bottom, some garlic and herb homemade goat cheese. It is pasteurized, but I’m okay with it now and then. It was so creamy and tasted amazing! This Saturday, I think we’ll try the Little Italy Mercato 🙂

Then, I ran into a booth that had a great selection of health foods, supplements, etc. and I was drawn in! Until…while talking to a couple of women at his booth he said, and I quote “30 days, and you can completely reverse type 1 diabetes.” Oh no. You cannot do that. I eat pretty raw already, and have been Paleo for 2 years, and while these things have drastically helped me manage my type 1 diabetes, at the end of each day, I still have it. Supplements don’t reverse the autoimmune reaction (nor do foods!). I took his card so I could reach out and share information, so that it will perhaps help him understand. This was one of those times where it really bothered me, but I didn’t have it in me to educate at the time.

Cotreated Seafood

This past weekend I was perusing the seafood at the commissary-sometimes they have great seafood, but not always. I saw there was some great looking ahi, so I approached it and grabbed it to take a look. I noticed the words “cotreated pf wild.” My first thought was probably not as “wild” if it’s treated? I have never heard this, so I asked the seafood guys who were making their delivery right then, they had no idea, said they’d never heard of it before either (amazing just how out of touch we are with food in this country).photo (5)

I know longer buy food unless I know what it is, what’s in it, where it came from and if I’m comfortable with it (I try my best anyway). So, I put the cotreated seafood back and did what I usually do, started googling in the aisle to investigate further. After reading, I passed on the ahi. I need to do more research because I honestly don’t know what the labeling requirements are for cotreated seafood in the US. I did read that it’s banned in Japan, Europe and Canada-shocker. Apparently it’s a fairly common practice to gas brown seafood with carbon monoxide to make it look lively again. Joy!

Read more here: Pink doesn’t always Mean Fresh