Review – Cave Cravings Snack Box!

Cave Cravings, a convenient paleo-friendly snack box company reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to review their product, and I jumped at the opportunity! I had no idea what to expect inside my little cave box, but was thrilled when it arrived and was full of yummy-ness.

Inside: two packages of Miniature Coco-Roons from Wonderfully Raw, Lemon Pie and Vanilla Maple, two packages of Sophia’s Survival Food Jerky Chews, Original and Mild, 2 Bearded Brothers energy bars in Radical Raspberry Lemon and 2 Bearded Brothers Chews, 1 in Ginger Peach and 1 in Maca Chcoloate and 2 Original Caveman Cookies.IMG_3435

The box included an information card highlighting the features of each product. My absolute favorite part about this snack box is that not only is it convenient, it included several paleo-friendly/primal-friendly small companies that I’d never heard of, that clearly make food with quality ingredients. I LOVED trying the Bearded Brothers energy bars – and will definitely purchase them in the future, they were like a flavorful, gooey little fig newton bar, score! I’d also never heard of Sophia’s Survival Food Jerky Chews, and they’re exactly what you’d want in grass-fed jerky! I really liked that they’re in bite-size pieces so as not to kill my teeth ripping the jerky apart (although this would be very cave-esque). I have always been a fan of Coco-Roons, but hadn’t had the miniature size, perfect for a quick bite-size snack, and we keep Caveman Cookies in the house regularly!

All quality food products from great small companies working to make a difference, combined into one snack-box for your variety and convenience by Cave Cravings! You can find Cave Cravings on Facebook and at their website to sign up for their box delivery service. In addition, I’ve included photos of all of the products in this box, and their ingredients below for your review.

IMG_3425 IMG_3426IMG_3427 IMG_3428IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3432IMG_3431IMG_3433


Product Review-Dexcom G4P Tallygear Case!

I’ve been using the Dexcom G4 Platinum Tallygear case in the Mod Flowers Design for a couple of weeks now, and I am beyond thrilled with it!

  • I love being able to protect the G4 receiver, in particular the screen. Now that it’s protected, I can drop it in my purse when I’m running out the door or leaving work and know that it won’t get scratched.
  • I can easily bend the end fabric back around the case (how I put the receiver in the case to begin with) so that I can easily use the charging port-convenient!
  • The sewing on the case is impressive, tight and snug so there isn’t extra bulk added to the size of the receiver, keeping it discrete.
  • I love that it has a little loop so you can attach it to something. I use the strap and carabiner that came with it, at night to hang it directly above my pillow, so the alarm is somewhat “broadcast” while I’m sleeping (one of my favorite features 🙂 ).
  • For the protection (and style 😉 ) the case provides, they’re very affordable!

The G4 cases from Tallygear come in a variety of colors and designs. I’m a big fan and love having stylish yet sleek options to protect my receiver. Even better, they’re made right here in the US, by a dedicated T1 mom! You can view more on the Tallygear website in the Dexcom G4 Platinum Case section, here: Tallygear Dexcom G4 Platinum Case.DSC_0391DSC_0392DSC_0402DSC_0393DSC_0394DSC_0401