Cinnamon Sea Salt Banana

We’ve been cleaning up our act around here with eating – ┬ámostly tightening things back up to where they were and incorporating more whole foods instead of gluten-free convenience foods. Although, I always seem to forget (and it’s a good reminder) that whole food can be convenient too. I was wanting something sweet last week after lunch, so I pre-bolused for some fruit and waited for my insulin to start working then enjoyed a banana sliced with a sprinkle of sea salt and cinnamon. Easy, tasty, sweet and salty! Sometimes it really is as simple as fruit with a spice on it.


Elvis Burger, Paleo Style

Since moving to Minnesota, we’ve learned about the peanut butter burgers Elvis so loved. It’s a thing around here, so much so, that when I travel back to San Diego for work, I’ve been asked, “have you had a peanut butter burger yet?!” I don’t eat peanuts, BUT I did try a bite of one (when in Minnesota) and let me tell you, amazeballs. It’s been sounding good ever since, so I recreated it to make it paleo-friendly and it did not disappoint! You could make them multiple ways, but this is how I made mine.

Elvis Burger, Paleo Style

  • 2 burger patties
  • Cashew butter
  • Grassfed extra sharp cheddar
  • Uncured, cooked bacon
  • 1/2 banana, sliced

Place one burger patty on your plate and slather with cashew butter (or, again, nut butter of your choice), stick the cooked bacon on top of the cashew butter, place the 2nd burger patty with melty grassfed extra sharp cheddar, cheese side down on the bacon, slather top patty with cashew butter as well. I had the sliced banana on the plate, and ate a slice with each bite of burger I had. The burger stayed together well. Nice for different, rich flavors than the usual burger staples!


Strawberry Banana Honey Salad

My freezer is already full of brown bananas, combine that with my refusal to waste food and I needed something to do with my two sad, very ripe bananas last night.

I decided to slice them and throw them in a bowl with some fresh strawberries. Then I saw our raw alfalfa honey we bought from the North Park Farmers Market a couple weeks ago staring at me, so I decided to drizzle a little over the fresh fruit. OH EM GEE.

This might be my new favorite healthy treat because of how flavorful it is, not to mention SUPER easy (my preference) and a way to use up really ripe bananas. Quadruple win (health, flavor, ease, not wasting food)!

Strawberry Banana Honey Salad