Low with a capital L.

I’ve been up since 3:30 am this morning, although it started around 1:30. I’ve been persistently low for hours with blood sugars in the 50’s. Its times like these that I’m reminded I have a disease that sometimes, really has a mind all its own, without regard to what I do or how much effort I put into managing it.

I would like to know where the endless amounts of carbohydrates I’ve been consuming for the last 5 hours, have gone? What are they doing?  The kicker is that I had maybe 2 units left in my pump reservoir, and forever in the history of my diabetes, when I go under 10 units in my reservoir, my blood sugar starts creeping up, and stays there. Nope, not this time. Why? No clue.

I’m low with a capital L, I’m annoyed with a capital A, I’m exhausted with a capital E, and I’m bloated with a capital B.

Nothing like starting your Friday by eating to stay alive, while feeling like the life has literally been sucked right out of you.